Boston University Files Lawsuit Against Apple Over Patent

Posted Jul 3, 2013

Boston University (BU) has filed a lawsuit against Apple.  Boston University is asking a federal court to ban the sale of the iPhone 5, the iPad, and the MacBook Air.  The University claims that Apple is violating a patent that was filed by one of their professors in 1997.  Apple products have a “gallium nitride thin film semiconductor device” that is allegedly covered by their patents.  The patent was filed by Professor Theodore Moustakas in 1995 and is expected to expire in 2015.

Boston University is seeking an injunction against Apple that would ban the sale of Apple’s products and is also asking for a cut of Apple’s profits over the last few years.  Apple will likely fight this lawsuit or settle with BU.  Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies speculates that BU could win as much as $75 million from this lawsuit.

It is surprising to see a well known educational institution go after Apple.  I’m certain that Apple employs a large number of BU grads.

However, BU has become notorious for suing tech companies.  BU previously sued Samsung and Amazon in the same form of complaint.

Below is a copy of the complaint:

BU v Apple