Boy Meets Girl, Boy Falls in Love, Boy Creates an Induction Powered LED Engagement Ring

Posted May 22, 2013

Ben Kokes, an Engineer at Kionix, built a stunning induction powered LED engagement ring for the love of his life. The ring illuminates when it’s in close proximity to an induced alternating magnetic field (a transmitter).

Ben used Autodesk Inventor to lay out the ring’s dimensions. He then jumped onto building it. The ring is titanium so cutting it was not easy. He added 13 white stones and 10 blue stones to the ring.

After adding the stones, Ben started working on the ring’s electronic components. He formed an inductor and added LEDs to the ring. He then built a transmitter coil that when in close proximity to the ring, lights it up. His idea was to hide the transmitter under his jacket’s sleeve so that the ring lights up when he’s near his fiancé Julie.

Ben initially planned to let Julie pick out a permanent engagement ring after presenting her with this amazing ring. However, she insisted on making Ben’s creation her permanent ring.