WATCH: Bradley Jansen Of Holland, Michigan Puts Together The Most Epic Proposal Lip Dub

Posted Oct 3, 2012

If you are a sucker for engagement proposal videos on YouTube, then you will certainly love ?Brad and Emily Get Engaged (A Lip Dub Proposal).?  In this video Bradley Jansen put together a lip dub video of the song “One Thing” by One Direction.  This video was shot at Tunnel Park in Holland, Michigan.  The lip dub went all the way to the beach of the park.  There were around 20 notes that led Emily down to the beach.

On the beach, there was a TV that showed a video where Emily’s friends and family told her how much they love her.  At the end of the video there was a kid that talked about how Emily was one of her most favorite teachers.  After she got done watching the video, Brad asked “Emily, will you marry me?  Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”  When that part was done, there was a celebration at a cottage where their friends celebrated after she said yes.  There were fireworks after that too.

?Literally, when we did it, it was to do something to completely surprise Emily,? said Brad.  ?I hope it will be a blessing to others and add a little joy to their day.?

Brad and Emily are both 24-years old and they met at Calvin College.  They have been a couple since early 2011.  Brad and his friends run a Grand Rapids video productions company called Bradley Productions and Emily is a teacher.  Check out the video below: