Breaking News app now has proximity alerts

Posted Jun 12, 2014

NBC’s Breaking News app has been updated for iOS with proximity alerts. These are localized push notifications based on where you are currently. This could be more helpful than having alerts just for your “home” location because sometimes you may be traveling somewhere for a week or two and want to know what is happening around that area.


When you launch the new version of the app, you will be asked to enable it. It can be disabled again in the settings. The local alerts could be related to the specific neighborhood if it is a major story or you can broaden it to post-code, city, or country.

?As with all of Breaking News? alerts, our experienced editors are monitoring social media and vetting each story in real time. Now they?re also deciding which geography ? from as narrow as a neighborhood to as wide as a country ? that will be receiving a proximity alert.?

The app also has a new design, larger photos, infinite scroll, and a “Watch List” for tracking news topics.

The proximity alerts will be added to the Android version of the app soon.

[Source: TNW]