How Brendan Irvine-Broque Made $8,000 In One Day From Facebook Ads

Posted Aug 1, 2012

Recently Limited Run claimed that 80% of their clicks from Facebook ads were bots and fake.  That is negative publicity for Facebook and it means that they are not optimizing their ads carefully.  Here is how Brendan Irvine-Broque made $8,000 per day from Facebook for very cheap.

Irvine-Broque made $10,000 in revenues on Saturday May 12 after holding an event in his backyard.  He sold 6,000 vinyl records at $3 each.  Irvine-Broque previously had previously run a business where he sold vintage vinyl records and he was eager to get rid of them.  He spent around $2,000 for buying most of the records.

Irvine-Broque created a Facebook event, shared it on the social network, and spent $150 to promote the event.  Irvine-Broque received confirmations from 341 people and 104 people said maybe they would attend.  He made $10,000 in cash and accepted some payments through Square.  That is a 2000-3000% ROI from the Facebook ad.

Now that is how you market on Facebook!