Brent Schlender Shares Interviews He Had With Steve Jobs After Discovering Lost Tapes

Posted Apr 18, 2012

Schlender and Jobs at a NeXT picnic. Photo credit: Ed Kashi/VII

Veteran reporter and friend of Steve Jobs Brent Schlender has wrote one of the best articles about Steve Jobs I have read in a long time. In the article, Schlender shared interviews he had with Steve Jobs while he was working at NeXT and Pixar. This was the period between when Jobs founded Apple and was subsequently kicked out and before he returned as “interim” CEO when Apple acquired NeXT.

Schlender covered Jobs since 1985 and it turns out that he found about three dozen tapes with recorded interviews. This was a period of Jobs’ life that was one of the most important times. Below is an excerpt from the story he wrote:

“Jobs matured as a manager and a boss; learned how to make the most of partnerships; found a way to turn his native stubbornness into a productive perseverance. He became a corporate architect, coming to appreciate the scaffolding of a business just as much as the skeletons of real buildings, which always fascinated him. He mastered the art of negotiation by immersing himself in Hollywood, and learned how to successfully manage creative talent, namely the artists at Pixar. Perhaps most important, he developed an astonishing adaptability that was critical to the hit-after-hit-after-hit climb of Apple’s last decade. All this, during a time many remember as his most disappointing.”

Jobs returned to Apple in 1996 and brought the company into the powerhouse that it is today with the launch of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook etc. Today Apple has $98 billion in cash and investments. Steve Jobs passed away this past October after battling cancer.