Brian Krzanich: Intel To Focus On Atom Chips Again

Posted Jun 29, 2013

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich is planning to plug more resources into their processors designed for smartphones and tablets, largely due to a personal computer slow-down.  Intel will be using the same advanced manufacturing based around the Atom line of low-power chips for smartphones and tablets that was side-track in favor of the company’s Core processors for laptops and desktops.

At an event in San Francisco earlier this week, Krzanich said that the company resisted moving in the direction of consumer tastes so that they could maintain their dominance in the PC market.  Intel is planning to hold weekly meetings regarding the Atom processor in order to speed up the development of new versions.  It has been years since Atom has seen a major update.

Krzanich is also going to focus on Intel’s strategy around the television market.  Intel is going to start selling a set-top box with Internet-based TV this year.  Intel is negotiating with media companies for this product lately.

?We are not experts in the content industry and we?re being careful,? said Krzanich as quoted by Bloomberg. ?From a technical standpoint we?ve built a game-changing device.?