comScore: BrightRoll And Google Are “Neck-And-Neck” For Online Video Ads

Posted Feb 2, 2013

comScore is reporting that BrightRoll has beaten Google as the top online video ad company in two out of the last three months. Google generates revenue by selling slots for commercials that start before users watch videos on YouTube. BrightRoll connects marketers to their publisher partners also.

comScore senior product manager Dan Piech said that “BrightRoll and Google are neck-and-neck.” BrightRoll also offers advertisers a way to place ads on over 6,000 mobile apps and websites.

BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti said that around 5% of large TV advertising media budgets are moving towards web videos. BrightRoll works with another company called Veenome to help advertisers track campaigns and find content. BrightRoll has around 220 employees and they have raised around $46 million in funding.

[Source: Bloomberg]