Brijit Launches A Facebook App

Posted Feb 5, 2008

Brijit is a publication aggregation web site that serves up news articles and blog posts in 100 words or less. Center Networks coined Brijit as being the Cliff Notes for web content. The number of daily active users on the app is continuously growing. The Brijit Facebook application’s 3 feature promotions are:
1.) Save Time: From NYT to The Daily Show to The Economist, Brijit provides you with the content you want to read.
2.) Share: Brijit makes it easy to share what you are reading, watching, and listening to.
3.) Get Paid: Write for fun and profit. Brijit pays $5 every time the company publicizes a writer’s abstract.

Center Networks also pointed out that in each category (The Latest, Brijit Recommends, Most Popular) for the application, only 3 stories are displayed. When clicking on one of these stories, the user is redirected to Brijit’s site. There also isn’t any customization for categories. However, Jeremy Brosowsky, Brijit’s Editor In Chief mentioned that the Facebook application will have customization eventually and is testing different UI forms for dealing with the thousands of articles and subjects.

Brosowsky also wrote about the Facebook Application on the company blog.