Brilig Raises $1.8 Million

Posted Mar 22, 2011

Brilig is an open marketplace for listing the buying or selling of audience information for online advertising targeting. The company has raised $1.8 million in funding. Webloyalty co-founder and former President Vincent D’Agostino participated in this round of funding along with several other angel investors.

“Serving as Brilig’s CFO for the past year and witnessing the enthusiastic adoption of Brilig’s solution across its 60 name-brand customers, made participating in this financing an easy decision for me,” stated Vincent D’Agostino, who was recently appointed as the President of Brilig. “Brilig is upending the market, by eliminating the barriers to combining data from multiple sources, permitting third-parties to independently offer their segments, and enabling marketers to predict outcomes by running campaign data against potential data buys. Looking at Brilig from the perspective of a long time direct marketer and investor, it clearly represents a quantum leap over all of the data solutions on the market today.”