, A Website For Gamers To Challenge Each Other For Money

Posted Aug 5, 2009 is legal in 39 states because it is not considered online gambling. allows gamers to challenge each other and make bets on whether they will win.  BringIt claims it is not gambling because video games are considered a game of skill instead of luck.

BringIt will be out of Beta within the next few days and will be free to join.  Users have to be at least 18 years of age.  BringIt will take 10% of the cut from the wagers and a $4 fee from the winners.  Most of the players on the website are expected to play for a small amount of money like $5-$10.

BringIt will be limiting player entry fees to $25 for the first 10 games that they play.  The limits on the games will increase in increments until $500 is reached.

Consoles that are supported will include the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii.  There will be separate tournaments for novices and experts.  Later BringIt will have Facebook integration and leaderboards for each console. BringIt was founded by Woody Levin.

The 11 states that have banned video game betting are listed below
– Arizona
– Arkansas
– Delaware
– Florida
– Indiana
– Iowa
– Louisiana
– Maryland
– Montana
– Tennessee
– Vermont