Personal item tracker Bringrr looking to raise $75K from Kickstarter

Posted Jan 14, 2014

Bringrr is a company that is working on a personal item tracker product. Bringrr is planning to raise $75,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. So far Bringrr has raised over $41,000 with a $75,000 goal with 20 days to go. Bringrr uses tags, a mobile app, and a car charger to help you find personal items.

The Bringrr helps you find your car keys, your phone, or even a pet. Bringrr launched two innovative Bluetooth Low Energy devices to prevent people from misplacing items.

Bringrr is based on a patented car charger and reminder device. The Bringrr app is used for tracking down a misplaced tagged item by distance or sound within 50-150 feet.

?Every time you start your car, Bringrr will search for your phone. If your phone’s not there, Bringrr notifies you with a friendly flash and sound. You can attach BringTags to the items you want to bring with you, like your wallet, backpack, laptop, and as soon as you start your car, Bringrr searches for your tagged items too. If anything is missing, Bringrr will send a notification to your phone, specifying which tagged item was left behind,? stated Aldo Beqiraj, Bringrr co-founder and CEO.

Bringrr can be synced with Apple iCal or Google Calendar to remember items that people need every day or things that are needed for specific events. The Bringrr app is available for iOS, Android, and Google Glass.

Items can be marked as “missing” on the app so that the whole Bringrr community can be put on the lookout for a tagged item. When anyone with a Bringrr is close to a missing item, you will get a notification.