Brinker International, Inc. (EAT) replaces Chili’s menus with tablets

Posted Jun 10, 2014

Brinker¬†International, Inc. (NYSE:EAT) has replaced all of the menus at Chili’s with tablets. The tablets have been installed at the tables of 823 company-owned restaurants in the U.S. Chili’s customers can use the tablets to order food and drinks and pay bills. Chili’s is using specially optimized Android tablets that are mounted on stands that are made by Ziosk.

All of the tablets contain the Chili’s menu, a few Android games, Facebook check-in, and a built-in camera. After you are done eating, you can swipe your credit card on a built-in reader, scan coupons, and leave a tip.

Once the payment is processed, the tablet resets and erases the history of everyone at the table.

[Source: GigaOM]