Broadband Poll Shows That Virgin Media Is A Consumers? Favorite

Posted Sep 13, 2012

Virgin Media is the United Kingdom’s favorite home broadband supplier, according to an extensive poll, and almost a third of people would chose it over any of the other big six broadband suppliers.

The poll was carried out by, an independent website that is dedicated to providing consumer advice on broadband internet service providers and that has been doing so since 1999.

1,068 consumers participated in the poll and when asked that if they could choose from any of the big six broadband suppliers, which one they would pick, 30.5% selected Virgin Media.

The second biggest vote was for BT, with 20%, 14.5% selected Sky Broadband, 10.7% O2, 5.2% selected Talk Talk, and a derisory 1.4% selected Orange. The remaining 17.5% didn?t know which one was best.

A somewhat surprising result from the survey was that for the vast majority of consumers broadband performance was more important than its price. When asked if they would sacrifice broadband performance for a cheaper price when switching to an alternative ISP, 78.3% responded that they would not, while only 21.6% responded that they would.

It also seems that broadband users are very unforgiving when things go wrong. A third prong of the survey addressed customer satisfaction and posed that question ?Would you ever return to an ISP that you previously had problems with??

63.6% responded that they would not, while only 7.1% responded that they would. The remaining 29.2% were unsure whether they would or would not. This could account for some of the reasons why some of the ISPs that did so badly in the popularity poll.

Average broadband speeds have increased by 20% in the last six months, and this has been accomplished by the increasing rollout of superfast broadband from both Virgin Media and BT. Average download speed in the UK are now 9 Mbps, more than double the average speed of 4.1 Mbps in 2009.

The biggest speed improvements were delivered by Virgin Media cable network, where the average broadband speed increased by 26 percent to nearly 18Mbps and the top tier of Virgin Media broadband packages in now up to 120 Mbps, faster than any other broadband supplier. According to Ofcom, the fastest actual average speed that customers enjoy (88.3 Mbps) is with the Virgin Media 100 Mbps service.