Broadcom To Start Selling LTE Chips

Posted Feb 12, 2013

Broadcom Corporation will start selling mobile phone chips that supports LTE speeds in a market that is dominated by Qualcomm.  Broadcom’s LTE chip will start generating revenue next year according to Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor in an interview.  The goal is for Broadcom to expand beyond being the top provider of combo chips that deliver WiFi and Bluetooth.

By selling LTE chips, Broadcom will be able to gain more customers in the U.S., Japan, and South Korea.  Qualcom supplied around 86% of the 47 million LTE-capable chips shipped in the last year.  Samsung supplied around 9% to their own handset division according to Forward Concepts analyst Will Strauss.

?It really opens it up to customers and choice,? added McGregor. ?Our product is very strong. These are advanced LTE products.?