Brothers Behind “Words With Friends” Steps Down From Zynga

Posted Oct 5, 2012

Paul and David Bettner, the brothers that created the game Words With Friends are departing from Zynga.  The brothers confirmed the news on GamesBeat today, but did not specify why they are leaving.  Zynga had acquired OMGPOP, the game behind Words With Friends back in 2010.

Bettner became the VP and General Manager of Zynga With Friends, the studio that created games like Hanging With Friends and Chess With Friends.  This is happening to Zynga at a rough time because the company’s stock price dropped 12% today due to a weak third quarter.

Zynga revealed that they will take an impairment charge for as much as $95 million for their purchase of OMGPOP.  Zynga’s stock price is trading at $2.48 and the company was trading as high as $14.69 in March 2012.