BuddyTV Launches Reality TV Fantasy League

Posted Mar 9, 2009

BuddyTV, the TV ratings and forum website that raised $9.05 million from Charles River Ventures, Gemstar-TV Guide International, and Madrona Venture Group has launched a new feature.  Users can make bets on reality TV shows.  It works very similarly to online sports fantasy leagues.  In this case you pick reality show contestants as your team.  The leagues can be public or private amongst friends.  Characters are available across shows such as American Idol, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, Hell’s Kitchen, Rock of Love, Dancing With the Stars, The Amazing Race, and Make Me A Supermodel.

BuddyTV is not the first company to offer this service, but the company still believes that they have a big enough user base to pull it off in making it mainstream.  “There’s nobody that’s really dominant,” stated BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu. “Because we have such a large community we think we can come out of the gate with a pretty strong offering.”

The new service is available at: http://www.buddytv.com/ftv.