Budweiser to air emotional “Puppy Love” ad during Super Bowl

Posted Jan 29, 2014

Budweiser is going with an emotional touch for their Super Bowl ads this year. The ad “Puppy Love” features the actor Don Jeanes as the head of the Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri where Budweiser raises their Clydesdale horses. Former swimsuit model and actress Melissa Keller plays Jeanes’ neighbor and runs a puppy adoption center next door in the ad. A labrador retriever puppy escapes from the adoption center a few times to hang out with his Clydesdale buddy. Spoiler alert below.

Spoiler alert: A man comes to adopt the puppy, but the Clydesdale is not having it. He rounds up his buddies and stops the car that has the puppy. The ad then cuts to the puppy and the other horses walking back to the ranch. This ad has the hashtag #bestbuds.

The song in the background is “Let Her Go” by Passenger.