Buffer Temporarily Goes Offline Following Hack

Posted Oct 27, 2013

Buffer is a social sharing service that recently suffered from a hack.  Buffer is known for scheduling posts to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Fortunately, the passwords and billing details for customers are safe.  The hack was discovered when spam posts appeared on users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Buffer quickly notified their users when they found out about the issue.

?Hey everyone! We greatly apologize for this big mess we?ve created. Buffer has been hacked.? Shortly after this Facebook postings were disabled in a bid to stop the spread of spam and Buffer assured users that ?We?re continuing to work on this and trying to investigate and fix,? stated Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich.

It is unknown how many users were affected.

?I wanted to get in touch to apologize for the awful experience we?ve caused many of you on your weekend. Buffer was hacked around 1 hour ago, and many of you may have experienced spam posts sent from you via Buffer. I can only understand how angry and disappointed you must be right now,” Widrich added.  “Not everyone who has signed up for Buffer has been affected, but you may want to check on your accounts. We?re working hard to fix this problem right now and we?re expecting to have everything back to normal shortly.?