Bukito 3D Printer Surges Past Kickstarter Goal

Posted Jul 25, 2013

Bukito is a 3D printer company that sought funding in the forms of crowd-funding through Kickstarter.com.  The company posted a funding goal of $54,000 and they hit around twice that amount with about 9 days left to go.  The portable 3D printer has a handle and it can be turned upside down, sideways, and back again without messing up the print job.

“The Bukito has been designed to be robust, reliable, fast and travel worthy. By using good design techniques and high quality components, we have accomplished almost everything we would want in a small and sturdy portable 3D printer. And for it’s foot print, it prints pretty big!” said the company on their Kickstarter page.

The Bukito printer measures at 125mm x 150mm x 125mm.  It can be purchased for about $599 per device.