Burst Media Acquires Giant Realm For $2.1 Million

Posted Oct 13, 2009

Burst Media is an advertising network that acts as a broker for publishing websites. Pulse2 worked with Burst Media in the past, but eventually switched over to our partners such as Tribal Fusion and Kontera. Burst bought out Giant Realm for $2.1 million in cash and stock. This is a blow but not a complete loss to Giant Realm’s investors which put in about $9 million. Some of Giant Realm’s investors include Comcast, SoftBank Capital, The William Morris Agency, and the Edison Venture Fund.

Giant Realm focused on men’s interest websites with a focus on games and TV. It was intended to be a competitor of Glam Media, but it never took off as well as planned. The company had even hired a direct sales force in New York. The company will continue to operate as it was before under the Burst name.

?In a short period of time, Giant Realm has demonstrated its ability to succeed in building a top-notch entertainment network targeting the highly coveted male audience,? stated Burst Media CEO Jarvis Coffin in a press release. ?This acquisition represents a tremendous opportunity for us to support vertical content providers and present advertisers with an effective platform for reaching their well-qualified, targeted audiences.?