BuzzFeed Raises $3.5 Million In First Round

Posted Jul 9, 2008

BuzzFeed is like a combination of Techmeme and Digg.  Stories that appear on the homepage of Buzzfeed has related links on the site.  A lot of the content on BuzzFeed appears to be for adults.  BuzzFeed also has a heavy focus on celebrities.

BuzzFeed raised $3.5 million in their first round of funding yesterday.  Finding the stories for the homepage and the related links is human-driven and partially algorithm-driven.  Jonah Peretti is one of the founders of BuzzFeed and he stated that BuzzFeed is in the information business.   Peretti added that BuzzFeed can be used by advertisers to spot emerging trends. 

BuzzFeed receives about 1 million monthly visitors.  The company was founded in October 2006.  After Google acquired Feedburner last year, Eric Olson left to join BuzzFeed.

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