California Attorney General Kamala Harris Suing Delta Air Lines For Not Having A Privacy Policy In Apps

Posted Dec 7, 2012

Kamala Harris, a California-based Attorney General, has filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines on Thursday.  The lawsuit is regarding the lack of a privacy policy in the airline company’s mobile applications.  Harris sent warning letters to around 100 companies including Delta back in October that they were violating the state’s Internet privacy law.

Delta’s smartphone app allows customers to check into flights and download boarding passes.  The app collects personal information from their customers such as birth dates, credit card numbers, and frequent flyer numbers.  The lawsuit was filed in the San Francisco Superior Court.

“California law is clear that mobile apps collecting personal information need privacy policies, and that the users of those apps deserve to know what is being done with their personal information,” stated Harris

Delta has a privacy policy on their website, but the lawsuit said that it is not”reasonably accessible” to Fly Delta app users.  Harris’ office is asking for a court order that would require Delta to pay $2,500 for each violation.