Camera+ App Has Made $5.1 Million So Far

Posted Jan 17, 2012

Tap Tap Tap is an iPhone app development company that is known for creating Camera+. Camera+ has announced six million in sales and the app has made over $5.1 million to date. The company is selling about 3 copies of the app every second. The company believes that the release of the iPhone 4S helped drive sales. Below is what Tap Tap Tap had to say:

Over the past 6 months, Camera+ revenue has increased over 3x. Play along and fantasize for a second about that trend continuing over time? if it keeps going, by 2018 our daily sales would be twice the world population. Yeah, this growth might not be sustainable over time. Anyway?

The two most relevant things contributing to the large jumps on the right side of the above chart were the launch of the iPhone 4S in early October and the annual Christmas bump. Both were increases that were expected but what?s been surprising is how long each has lasted.

The in-app purchases of the “I <3 Analog" effects pack only account for about 5% of the Camera+ total sales, but it added up to 340,000 to date. Other apps that Tap Tap Tap has designed include The Heist, Faces, Voices 2, Digg, Convert, and Classics. [TNW]