Can Music Software Predict Which Songs Will Be Hits? Music Intelligence Believes It Can.

Posted Oct 13, 2009

Music Intelligence Solutions is a company that believes that their software has what it takes to predict the next music hit. The Hot Song Science software listens to a song and gives it a rating on a 0-10 scale. The rating is based on an algorithm that listens to the rhythm, chord progression, lyrics, and length.

“[It’s] a series of algorithms that we use to look at what’s the potential of a song to be sticky with a listener,” stated David Meredith, CEO of Music Intelligence in an interview with NPR. “To have those patterns in the music that would correspond with what human brain waves would find pleasing.”

Music Intelligence launched a website that complements the software called Uplaya this past summer too. On the website, the first two songs can be uploaded and analyzed for free. After that it costs $90 for 6 months.

Some artists believe it is a good way to get direct feedback on your music which is usually difficult to get from friends and family. Others feel like that computers should not be used when creatively coming up with a song. In my opinion: Hit Song Science should not be the only factor for deciding whether an artist should release a song or not. However I would embrace the software just as I would any other potential customer of your music.