Can Two Tech CEOs Have Breakfast Together Without A Buy-Out Rumor?

Posted Dec 10, 2010

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was rumored to have had breakfast together in San Francisco earlier this week as reported by Forbes. “Could this mean Microsoft is interested in doing some sort of deal with, or even buying, Twitter?” said Forbes writer Victoria Barret. Yes, Twitter is the hot property that everybody wants a piece of right now. And yes, Microsoft attempted to buy out Facebook and Yahoo! to grow their web portfolio. Maybe Ballmer was in the area and wanted to talk to Costolo about how their Bing and Twitter partnership is going.

I had a beer with former Digg CEO Jay Adelson last April. Does that mean that Digg wanted to buy out No, we just talked about Digg and the tech industry in general. Maybe all Ballmer and Costolo talked about is what is happening in Michigan as both of them have roots there. Ballmer was born in Detroit and went to high school at Detroit Country Day and Costolo went to University of Michigan. Maybe both of them talked about how Rich Rod should be fired instead of an acquisition.