Canada Based OneGigabit To Offer 1Gbps Speeds At $45-$65 Per Month

Posted Jul 7, 2013

There is a new Vancouver based Internet service provider company called OneGigabit that has plans to offer a fiber Internet connection at 1 gigabit per second, which is 60 times faster than the average speed in Canada.  OneGigabit is a small startup that was launched by a telecommunications specialist named Eric Kuhnke.  OneGigabit plans to offer speeds that are comparable to Google Fiber with no bandwidth caps at a small price of between $45 and $65.  Google Fiber charges around $70 per month for the Fiber Internet connection.

In order to setup this fast of a connection, the “last mile” has to be set up.  The last mile requires the wiring that connects to a build and the rest of a telecommunications network is made out of fiber optic cable.  This means that OneGigabit’s 1Gbps Internet service would be limited to only severall buildings and neighborhoods.  The top Internet service providers in Canada Rogers, Bell, and Shaw hit around 175-250 megabits per second and charges between $115 to $226 per month.

Vancouver based Concord Pacific Real Estate Group offers 300 megabits per second for $113 per month in certain buildings in southern British Columbia.  Unfortunately 98% of the buildings in Vancouver do not have fiber and most of the buildings that have fiber are large office buildings.  OneGigabit is planning to negotiate with real estate companies and developers to set up fiber in small and medium sized apartments, condos, and offices, according to the CBC.