Canadians Spend More Time Online Than Any Other Country [STATS]

Posted Dec 28, 2010

O Canada! Our home and native land is the Internet! What I mean is that Canadians rank the most enthusiastic users of the Internet. According to comScore, Canada also had the highest penetration of Internet access. About 68% of Canadians are online. Compare this to 62% of France, 60% in Germany, 57% in Japan, 59% in the U.S. Canada is also the only country where an average user logged over 2,500 minutes online per month.

About 147 million Americans visit YouTube per month, compared to 21 million Canadians. However U.S. has 10 times the population of Canada so Canada has a higher ratio there too. Why do you think Canadians spend more time on the Internet? Let us know in the comments.

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