Candy Crush developer files for IPO

Posted Feb 18, 2014 has filed to go public. is known for being the developer behind the Candy Crush game. will likely trade on the New York Stock Exchange with the “KING” ticker symbol. Candy Crush was the top earning title last year on any mobile platform. games are seeing around 1.2 billion daily plays from 128 million daily active users. Around 73% of them come from mobile devices. launched in 2003. went from a profit loss of $1 million in the first quarter of 2012 to a profit gain of $269 million in Q4 of 2013. is planning to raise $500 million through the IPO, according to filings.

There are some potential risk factors that will face as a public company. faces the risk of a small number of games generating a substantial majority of their revenue. Developing new games could just recirculate their existing audience instead of growing a new one. said that they are going to strengthen their new game and I.P. development pipeline though. The company is also going to expand their existing titles to new platforms and geographies.

Around 78% of’s total gross bookings came from Candy Crush. In 2011, was generated around $64 million. After launching Candy Crush, generated $1.88 billion.’s revenues decreased between the third and fourth quarters last year.

[Source: TC/BI]