Canonical Drops The Price Of The Ubuntu Edge To $695

Posted Aug 8, 2013

Canonical, the parent company of the open source operating system Ubuntu, has dropped the price of their smartphone the Ubuntu Edge to $695.  Canonical is crowd-funding the Ubuntu Edge smartphone through Indiegogo.

Canonical is seeking an ambitious $32 million on Indiegogo with 14 days left to go.  So far they have raised $8.65 million.  One of their biggest backers is Bloomberg LP.  Bloomberg bought $80,000 worth of Enterprise bundles.  Canonical has raised the number of phones included in the bundle from 100 to 115.

“There?s now a single unlimited $695 Ubuntu Edge perk, which comes with a year?s subscription to LastPass Premium and a place on the Founders page,” stated Canonical on the Indiegogo website.  “At the end of the campaign, anyone who?s already pledged more than $695 for the phone will be offered a refund of the difference.”

The Ubuntu Edge campaign hit $2 million in the first eight hours on Indiegogo.  The Ubuntu Edge will be exclusively only one Indiegogo and will not be available at retail.