Capcom Ships Out 4 Million Copies Of Resident Evil 5

Posted Mar 19, 2009

In Japan, Resident Evil 5 sold about 400,000 copies.  As the game is growing in popularity, Capcom has decided to ship out 4 million copies of Resident Evil 5 across the world.  This number does not indicate the number of games sold.  The demo version of Resident Evil 5 was downloaded about 4 million times as well.

?Thanks to the company?s proprietary engine, the MT Framework, Capcom was able to make Resident Evil 5 a multi-platform title, giving a vast number of players the opportunity to enjoy the game,? stated Capcom.

The whole Resident Evil franchise has shipped over 40 million copies across the globe since the first game was introduced in 1996.

Last month Capcom was victimized by UBS last month for an order that did not go through.  UBS made a $31 billion order in Capcom stock, but canceled it.  They meant to order 31 million Yen worth of stock ($314,000) instead.

[via XboxAddict]