CapsulePen Wins $10,000 Prize At “Roll The Dice” Competition

Posted Sep 6, 2012

CapsulePen is a pill case that was created by Joe Cote (a serial entrepreneur that is known for starting  Cote beat 15 other start-ups and won the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s “Roll The Dice” entrepreneurship competition during the closing session of the sold-out conference in Chicago, Illinois about a month ago.

Representatives at Google, Moey, and the NGLCC were judges for the competition.  CapsulePen’s 15 minute presentation received a standing ovation from the crowd.  CapsulePen is the first pill container that arranges pills lengthwise in a tube like a pen.  The pen fits all pill sizes and the are loaded in reverse of the order they are to be taken. CapsulePen users can pre-load a full week’s worth of medication to be taken on time.

?We are beyond excited to be the chosen entrepreneurs to represent the LGBT business community for the next year, and we believe in the empowerment of diverse people through economics. We have become a certified, gay owned business by the NGLCC for just that purpose, and we are unafraid of any discrimination that might come our way because of it. Our product is meant to bring the focus back to wellness, not illness.? stated Cote.

The pens are available for pre-order after they received funding from  The campaign raised $17,000 earlier this year and are expecting to deliver the product at the end of September 2012.  You can see more about the product at