iPhone Application Card Counter Deemed Illegal In Vegas

Posted Feb 16, 2009

“Made me 50k in vegas.  Not kidding”
“Just got back from Vegas and won 8G’s and took my family on a great vacation.  3 bucks is worth a thousand.”

Those are some of the testimonials that iPhone application card counter received on iTunes.  The only problem is that this application is illegal in the state of Nevada.  The card counting program works on both the iPhone and iPod Touch and it helps players illegally beat the house in the game of blackjack.  Although card counting in your head is not illegal under Nevada’s gambling laws, it is a felony to have a device that helps count cards.  This has become such a problem that The Nevada Gaming Control Board sent a warning to casinos regarding the iPhone application.

The application uses algorithms to help the owner of the program adjust their bets based on whether they are likely to win or not.  Authorities in Nevada learned about the program from gambling regulators at an Indian casino in California.

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