Buys Parents in a Pinch

Posted Jan 19, 2013 is one of the largest online care destinations in the world. has acquired child and adult care specialist company Parents in a Pinch.  The financial details of the acquisition are unknown.  Parents in a Pinch is a Brookline, Massachusetts based company and they will relocate to’s offices.  Parents in a Pinch will continue to be run by Barbara Siegel and Davida Manon.

Around 30% of Fortune 500 companies provide back-up care to employees.  Parents in a Pinch have over 60 corporate clients including Bain & Company, TripAdvisor, and Vistaprint.  Parents in a Pinch focuses on providing in-home back-up care to corporations and families.  They also provide back-up care services to hotels and at group events.

“Through our existing business serving employers, we are acutely aware of the needs companies face in addressing the growing care challenges faced by their employees and their desire to do so via one provider who can offer a full scope of services. Back-up care is a critical component in that mix and with Parents in a Pinch, is now uniquely positioned to provide professional in-home back-up care assistance as an adjacency to our existing services,” stated founder and CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo.