Launches Karoo App For Parents and Caregivers To Stay Connected

Posted Oct 10, 2012 has launched a new application called Karoo, which helps busy working moms stay in touch with their children on days that they cannot be around. is the world’s largest online care destination.  Parents can receive updates on feeding, naps, videos, or photos from soccer practice.  The application is free and you do not need a membership to use it.  The Karoo app is available on iOS [iTunes Link].

Karoo helps parents, caregivers, and relatives stay connected and share childhood moments as they happen.  There is a feature called CareLogs, which makes sure that parents do not miss out on important details like nap times, what was eaten at lunch, and memories.

Karoo has a Digital Memory Book where you can capture and share moments for big milestones as they happen.  The CareLogs feature is for nannies and caregivers to update parents throughout the day on feedings, naps, and school pick up times.


The app has a private network so that you can share what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.  The app lets you create a private Karoo network and share it via the timeline on Facebook, Twitter, text message, or e-mail with one click.

For family members that do not have a smartphone, Karoo is available on the web so that everyone can participate. is an online care destination with 7 million users across 15 countries. has a forum for families that are seeking care support to easily connect millions of care providers. provides e-tools and information to help families make safer and informed decisions through the search and hiring process.

Fortune 500, educational institutions, technology companies, and professional services offer memberships as a benefit to employees through its Workplace Solutions program. was founded in 2006 and the company created Karoo for parents to stay connected with their kids.