Career Guide In Talks For Angel Round

Posted May 17, 2009 is a website that is currently in beta.  On the homepage, there are several featured experts for different careers.  Michael Davis, the founder of the company said that he built Mindopia out of frustration from wanting to make his own shift in career.  He was a Hollywood agent at the time.

Through his previous career he was able to get some help from certain celebrities on the project.  The actor section features Austin Powers star Mike Myers and the Editor in Chief at Marvel Comics Joe Quesada. appears to be building the featured career guides around the videos that they have available.  For example, there is a Medical Assistant as a featured career but a doctor isn’t.  There is a featured career as a Dental Assistant, but not being a dentist.

Currently the company is working on an angel round of funding, but Davis is also interested in a first round of funding from a venture capital firm.

[via VentureBeat]