Carl Icahn Hires Hedge Fund Reporter, Dane Hamilton From Thomson Reuters To Manage His Blog

Posted Aug 5, 2008

Carl Icahn, the 46th richest man in the world has made an interesting hire.  Icahn has hired Dane Hamilton, a hedge fund reporter from Thomson Reuters to manage his blog, The Icahn Report.  Hamilton will be publishing data regarding Icahn’s opinions on corporate America. 

When Icahn was nominating his own slate of directors for Yahoo!’s Board of Directors, Icahn communicated regularly on his blog regarding why he was doing so.  Hamilton has been writing for the last seven years about hedge funds and even about Icahn.  Hamilton recently published an article from Reuters called Icahn says Yahoo-Google ad deal has merit.

Carl Icahn grew up in Brooklyn, New York, dropped out of medical school, joined the army, then went back to NYC to work on Wall Street.  Icahn & Co. Inc. started in 1968.  Icahn has overtaken positions at RJR Nabisco, Yahoo!, Texaco, Phillips Petroleum, Western Union, Gulf & Western, Viacom, USX, American Can, Imclone, Marvel, Federal-Mogul, Kerr-McGee, BEA Systems, Medimmune, and Time Warner.  Icahn is currently worth about $14 billion.

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