Carol Bartz: Technology Refresh Will Take Two Years

Posted Dec 8, 2010

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz said that she needs about two more years to do a technology refresh. Bartz has been CEO for about two years now and some people are claiming that she is an ineffective. Some investors are suggesting to hire a new CEO already.

?We were very, very forthcoming with investors that the technology refresh would take two years,? stated Bartz at the UBS Media Communications Conference. ?It does take time to work under the hood. It?s nice to see the car going down the highway, but if you?re trying to change the tires at the same time, it?s a little precarious.?

It will take months to complete the transfer of Microsoft search technology to Yahoo! The whole thing will not be completed until 2012 so people should wait until the second quarter of 2013 to judge her performance.