Carphone Warehouse Inventory System Reports New 16GB and 32GB iPhone V3

Posted Jun 4, 2009

Carphone Warehouse is one of the biggest European mobile phone retail companies.  Apparently someone that has access to their system took a picture of the inventory system and mailed it to AppleInsider.  The placeholders report that there will soon be the following items in inventory:
– Apple IPhone 16GbV3 Black
– Apple IPhone 16GbV3 White
– Apple IPhone 32GbV3 Black
– Apple IPhone 16GbV3 White

The WWDC conference will be taking place on June 8-12 and Apple is due to announce a new set of phones along with the new firmware version 3.0.  A few days ago, several new images of a potentially new phone’s features appeared on a Hong Kong blog.  This evidence further validates the plausibility of a new iPhone.

[via AppleInsider]