Cars With Corning Gorilla Glass Can Be Quieter

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Jeffrey Evenson, a senior vice president at Corning, said at the MIT Technology Review?s Mobile Summit in San Francisco that vehicles that are equipped with Gorilla Glass may eventually be quieter and lighter compared to traditional glass.  Corning Gorilla Glass is known for being used in over 1.5 billion consumer electronic devices around the world.  Corning Gorilla Glass helps lower the overall weight, which will help vehicles get a better fuel economy.

Cars may not be the whole market that Corning is considering.  Evenson said that he is hoping that Corning’s development-stage “antimicrobial” glass will be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency within the next few months.  This material would initially be used in the healthcare industry to keep devices more sanitary.

?The bacteria are obliterated,? said Evenson. ?The number of germs on a smartphone exceeds the number of germs on a public toilet. We think there might be a bigger market.?

Corning’s most anticipated product is going to be Willow Glass.  Willow Glass is material that is flexible like plastic and is very thin.  Willow Glass may lead to the creation of hundreds of new products.