Casey Anthony Launches A Vlog [VIDEO]

Posted Jan 5, 2012

Casey Anthony was suspected of murdering her two-year old girl, Caylee, in one of the most closely watched trials last year. Caylee went missing in Orlando, Florida in July 2008 and her remains was founded in a wooded area near her home in December 2008. Casey was tried for first degree murder of Caylee, but she was acquitted.

She was convicted of misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police officers. The trial had lasted for 6 weeks between May to July 2011 and the prosecution sought the death penalty. Allegedly Casey murdered Caylee with chloroform and applied duct tape. Supposedly she wanted her freedom from raising a child. The defense team made an argument that the child had drowned in a swimming pool on June 16, 2008 and Casey lied about it because of a dysfunctional upbringing.

Now Casey Anthony is vlogging on YouTube, which is surprising. If I was her, I would lay low.