Cash4Gold Suing Consumerist For Defamation

Posted Sep 2, 2009 is a website that offers you cash for turning in your jewelry.  A former employee of Cash4Gold left a whistleblower post on  The ex-employee left the post this past November and Consumerist pointed out the post this past February.

Michele Liberis is the ex-employee that left the post and she was sued for defamation.  Consumerist and was also added to the lawsuit as co-defendants.  Cash4Gold is trying to force Liberis and another former employee Vielka Nephew to remove the information from

In a Consumerist blog post, Ben Popken and Meg Marco wrote the following:

We decided not to remove the post, and instead replied with a 2,400-word request for additional details that might back up Cash4Gold’s claims. Reason: we felt that killing a post we deemed to be both credible and newsworthy would be a disservice to our readers and a betrayal of our responsibility as consumer journalists.

In that letter, and in several follow ups, we’ve asked Cash4Gold and its lawyers for evidence to support their broad assertions of falsehood. We’ve also lauded the company for starting its own blog, and pushed it to continue to join “the public debate” about these issues.