Catchpoint raises $6 million in Series B funding led by Battery Ventures

Posted Dec 10, 2013

Catchpoint Systems has raised $6 million in Series B funding led by Battery Ventures. Catchpoint offers web and infrastructure monitoring solutions. This round of funding will be used for accelerating the company’s expansion plans and for employee growth.

?Today?s consumers don?t want to wait forever, or even a minute, for a website to load ? be it online or on their mobile device. Designed from a consumer perspective, our solutions are changing the way companies monitor and resolve performance issues, like error messages or the revolving circle of death,? said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and founder of Catchpoint. ?We help companies find and fix issues before they become a headache for their consumers or a revenue roadblock, and the new funding from Battery Ventures will help us do that on a global scale much quicker.?

Catchpoint ran around 2.8 billion tests for over 150 customers in 2013. Catchpoint recently opened an office in Boston. Catchpoint was founded by four former DoubleClick and Google executives.