CBS Challenges Hulu With New Design

Posted Dec 17, 2008

When YouTube first came out, they were one of the first companies to revolutionize Internet video.  Back then FOX and NBC were getting upset that clips of their copyrighted programs were being uploaded on the Google owned video website.  Hence the creation of Hulu, a video website that has full episodes of FOX and NBC programs.  CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) decided to place their own TV shows on  Now that CBS has acquired CNET, they have access to very lucrative web properties.

CBS is challenging Hulu in the form of receives 16 million monthly unique visitors checkign out TV schedules, forums, video clips, etc.  Those visitors have access to about 19,000 shows. wants to create a social networking aspect built around the programming rather than take the Hulu approach of just showing episodes and ads.  Features currently on include video clips, HD videos, a list of shows, TV show listings, news, photos, top 100 best voted people, and forums.

“We’re giving users easier access to new videos, a simpler way to talk about favorite shows, and an overview about what everyone else on the site thinks about the latest in TV. Think of it as an improved ‘landing’ page, giving you a snapshot of happenings on the site without having to search all over for information,” wrote Jaxiecracks, a user/representative.  “The main purpose is to show new users that they’re entering a thriving community of people much like themselves.”