CBS Chooses Microsoft Silverlight For Streaming March Madness

Posted Feb 17, 2009

“This is simply about our running down the checklist and trying to address each thing the fans have said they want” stated Jason Kint, SVP and General Manager. “Last year, it was foremost about eliminating registration and blackouts, which we did. And this year, it’s about improving the video experience itself as much as we can.” has decided to go with Microsoft Silverlight media player to stream March Madness basketball games on their website.  About 4.8 million unique visitors tuned into March Madness on CBSSports via March Madness on Demand.  This lets viewers watch the game on a first come, first serve basis.  March Madness will be starting on on March 15.  It will be available through Windows Media Player or Silverlight.

Silverlight has been winning major content syndication sports deals.  Last year, Silverlight was chosen to stream the Olympics this past summer.   MLB used to run on Silverlight, but recently decided to switch to Flash.  It is absolutely crucial for Silverlight to perform when it comes to March Madness as people take basketball very seriously, including myself.  I’ll be a very happy guy if Michigan State wins the Final Four this year.