CBS Denies Sending User Info To RIAA

Posted May 27, 2009

TechCrunch wrote a post several months ago about whether submitted user information to the RIAA. denied it.  And now a new rumor has came up about how’s parent company CBS Corporation sent information to the RIAA by tricking  The trick that TechCrunch claimed took place was that CBS told that they were planning to use the information for internal uses, but sent it to the RIAA anyway.

The source behind this whole issue is an anonymous individual that spoke directly with employees.  However claims that no one at the company knows anything about a leak of information.  “Any request for such data would have to be approved by myself first. The suggestion that CBS?s ops team provided this data is just not possible – operates as a separate entity and their operations staff do not have access to our system,” stated Russ Garrett, a developer at

paidContent published a response that CBS has made in relation to the aforementioned controvery:
?Both CBS and the RIAA have already stated quite clearly, for the record, that absolutely no individual user or listener information was supplied to the RIAA by or any division of CBS Corporation in the past, nor do we plan to do so in the future. The story posted by the website was based on an unnamed tipster. No inquiry was made to CBS or about the veracity of the anonymous source. Those who consult such blogs should be aware of the standard by which such postings are sourced and published.?

The original source TechCrunch had for the story about sending data to the RIAA stated that the employee that leaked the information was fired.