CBS Working With Dogster To Promote Upcoming Show, Greatest American Dog

Posted Jul 9, 2008

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) is partnering with dog social network, to push their upcoming show, Greatest American Dog.  The media company is premiering the new show on Thursday July 10th.  The Greatest American Dog will also be promoted at hot dog stands in New York, video displays in supermarkets, cable advertising, and dog walking teams in New York.

CBS placed ads on that states “you’re going to sit, roll over, and beg for more in the search to find the greatest American dog.”  Dogster is also hosting teaser trailers of the show and has created profiles for the contestants of the show.  The show will be promoted in Dogster’s Dog Blog and newsletter. 

“The in-store component of the GREATEST AMERICAN DOG campaign makes use of motion sensors and video screens in the pet food aisle of selected grocery stores in New York and Los Angeles,” stated CBS Corporation Communications.  “Shoppers who come within a few feet of the sensor hear a bark, and are invited to press a button that initiates a thirty-second video clip.”

The Greatest American Dog will be hosted by Jarod Miller and the show will have 12 contestants.  The winning contestant will get about $250,000 in cash.

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