Announces A New Affordable Live Streaming Service With Mobile Support

Posted Jul 17, 2013 is the world’s first user customizable content delivery network.  The company announced on Tuesday that they have launched a new live video streaming service with mobile device and tablet support across their global content delivery network (CDN).’s new service can deliver rich live-streamed video and eliminate long load times. live video streaming service works well across any device or platform.  It supports Adobe, Android, Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Apple products (iPhone/iPad).  The service is enabled by the Wowza Media Server 3, which the high-performance media server.’s global live streaming service is launching from premium and affordable locations in Europe, North America, and Asia.’s global CDN is powered across 2,000 OnApp clouds in 70 countries.

?The future of content consumption relies on live video and other rich streaming media, much of it viewed on smartphones and tablets,? stated Commercial Director James Fletcher.

?The last thing content developers and publishers want to worry about is the technical headache of keeping video performance high on every device used to access it, and in every country. A global, federated CDN eliminates the legwork in live streaming, so that content creators can focus on meeting user expectations with engaging, high quality video.?