CenturyLink Is Bringing 1Gbps To Las Vegas

Posted Oct 10, 2013

CenturyLink is preparing to expand gigabit Internet services to Las Vegas, Nevada.  The fast Internet service will be limited to only certain Las Vegas neighborhoods.  CenturyLink introduced their first gigabit Internet fiber network in Omaha, Nebraska several months ago.  CenturyLink customers can bundle 1Gbps services with their advanced Prism TV service for $124.94 per month or unlimited nationwide calling for $134.95.  The rollout locations will depend on customer demand.  Interested customers can sign up at the 1-gigabit service page.  Customers can expect speeds 100 times faster than average U.S. download speeds.

“Las Vegas has always been one of America’s most connected cities and is quickly becoming a premier destination for launching tech-focused businesses,” stated Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. “CenturyLink’s high-speed 1 Gbps fiber network pilot in Las Vegas adds another level of vital infrastructure to support our continued growth as a technology-driven city.”

Other companies that are rolling out 1Gbps services includes AT&T and Google.  Google started the Google Fiber service in Kansas City.  They plan on expanding to Kansas City; Austin, Texas; and Provo, Utah.

[Source: PCMag]