CenturyLink Raises $35 Million From FCC To Provide Internet To 45,000 Customers

Posted Jul 27, 2012

The Federal Communications Commission has awarded CenturyLink with a $35 million donation to provide 45,000 rural homeowners with access to high speed Internet.  The FCC awarded CenturyLink with the money as part of the Connect America Fund to provide broadband Internet to areas which are believed to access standardized broadband connectivity.

?CenturyLink is excited to be able to work with the FCC to bring broadband services to thousands of homes for the first time. In addition to the incremental CAF funding, we are investing millions of dollars of our own money to bring robust broadband services to more customers because we believe these services will bring essential educational and economic opportunities to high-cost, rural areas of the country,? said Steve Davis, CenturyLink executive vice president for public policy and government relations.?